Hail to all ye Lords and Ladies of the mighty Kingdom of Ansteorra! A battle of supremacy will soon be upon us. It will be a “WAR OF AGES”.

I am Lord “General” Oliver the Faithful chosen by House of Lancaster, the “Red Rose” to lead their army against the pretenders to the throne. House of York, the “White Rose” is a den of murderous thieves who live without virtue.


To all who see these presents, greetings;

Know first of all, that Edward, Fourth of that Name, son of Richard, Duke of York, is the lawfully crowned king of England, and that any Englishman who utters a word to the contrary is guilty of the foulest of treasons.

It has come to the attention of loyal subjects of King Edward that a mutinous force pretending loyalty to various members of the house of Lancaster is intending to assemble near the Shire of Ffynnon Gath for a "War of Ages".