Our Champions

Current: Current: Current: Current: Current:
Oreyon Bozzhogg Roy Strongham Robert Robertson HL Sven SixStrong Grishka Kravtsovich
Past: Past: Past: Past: Past:
1. Syr Anton Cwith 1. Trey of Ffynnon Gath 1. Don Christoforo 1. Lucia Piazetta 1. Hroowyna Stanisdottir
2. Centurion Liam Gordon 2. Roy Strongham 2. Don Iago Cabrera de Cadiz 2. Don Iago Cabrera de Cadiz 2. ???
3. Sir Giotto di Giovanni   3. Lord Ceallach mac Donal 3. Lucia Piazetta 3. Lady Deborah of Durham
4. Lord Morgan Blackdragon   4. Robert Robertson 4. Centurion Sven Six Strong 4. HL Donnchad MacCannagin
5. Sir Corwin von Xanten     5. Sir Gaston de Clermont 5. Sir Gaston de Clermont
6. Centurion Maelgwyn Dda
7. Oreyon Bozzhogg
    6. HL Sven SixStrong 6. Grishka Kravtsovich


How to Get Involved

If you are interested in any aspect of the SCA please feel free to contact our local Seneschal: Lady Marie de Meaux. Information, loaner garb (clothes), loaner camping gear, and loaner armor are all available. Anyone is welcome to join us for an event or fighter practice. If you are interested in one particular aspect of the SCA, (example: brewing, stained glass, etc.) the Seneschal can point you to the right people. Volunteers are always welcome to help with hosting events, sponsoring gatherings, building armor and weapons, etc.

Fighter Practice

Currently we have a fighter practice every Sunday of the month (barring major events, holidays, or bad weather) at 2:00PM at Steeplechase Park in Kyle, TX located at
295 Hallie Dr, Kyle, TX. See a map of the location: here

Please email the Knights Marshal, Lord Stefan le Sangler, if you have questions about fighter practice.

Populace Meetings

We have a monthly populace meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM.  Check the Ffynnon Gath message board for the location: Ffynnon Gath Mailing List

The Finance Committee Members and Officers will meet at the same time and place. Both meetings are open to the populace.

Ffynnon Gath Mail List

If you would like to join the Ffynnon Gath email list please click the following link: Email List The Ffynnon Gath email list is for members of the Shire to exchange ideas, and to keep the members up to date on meetings and activities.

The Cats Paw

The electronic versions of the monthly Ffynnon Gath newsletter, The Cats Paw is available here.

The Herald's Page

The purpose of the Herald's webpage is to help the Herald collaborate with the College of Heralds when he is in the process of registering arms. Also, it is a place for the registered devices of members of our fair Shire to be displayed next to the awards they have received. The Herald's Page is available here.

Join the SCA

If you decide you would like to become a member of the SCA, after you have participated, you can purchase a yearly membership by filling out this membership form. Membership in the SCA costs $35/year and includes a monthly subscription to the kingdom newsletter, The Black Star. Additional family memberships typically cost $10/year. Membership is important to your local group and the SCA for many reasons: 
  1. Only paid members are counted toward your group's status as a Canton, Shire, or Barony.
  2. Site Fees for most events are cheaper for paid members.
  3. Only paid members can become officers of your local group.
  4. Only paid members may sponsor (autocrat) our events.
  5. Monies collected for the SCA help keep the whole organization going, from paperwork, to websites, to advertising.
***So, as you can see, being a paid member is important for the whole organization.***